De Oude Herberg

De Oude Herberg, Tulbagh, Northern Winelands

De Oude Herberg is for clients wanting to stay in a little known corner of The Cape Winelands in a quaint and historic inn

De Oude Herberg (Old Inn) is positioned along the historic Church Street in Tulbagh. De Oude Herberg is a national monument. The centre of Tulbagh has been fully restored after a devastating earthquake struck the town in 1969. This is a country style property with 4 spacious bedrooms (some in an annex nearby) each individually decorated and a pool. The fully licensed restaurant is renowned in the area for good country cooking. Many travelers enjoy the location and the history surrounding the inn.

About De Oude Herberg’s  Location

There are numerous wineries in the district set among the imposing Winterhoek Mountains. Just a short drive away you can visit the historic villages of Riebeek Wes and Riebeek Kasteel. These are the birthplaces of two of South Africa’s most important political figures….but from opposite ends of the political spectrum. General Jan Smuts was initially a Boer Commando leader fighting the British in the Anglo Boer War. He subsequently became the longest running Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa and part of Churchill’s War Cabinet in World War II and one of the inspirations behind The United Nations. He was defeated in 1948 by close neighbour, D F Malan who headed the first Nationalist Government introducing Apartheid.