Dumazulu Lodge

Dumazulu Lodge, Zululand

Rather touristy but a good option for those wishing to experience Zulu culture up close

This unique property is an opportunity to view traditional Zulu culture at close hand and stay in a Zulu style village setting adjacent to the cultural kraal. Accommodation is in simple yet stylish huts each of which represents a different style from the various regions of South Africa. These are all thatched so there will be the traditional thatch aroma in the rooms. Food is served in the facilities adjacent to the cultural kraal and is a buffet style.

About the Location

The cultural village is a  tasteful living museum and three times a day guests are taken into the kraal and shown traditional Zulu culture including basket making, shield and spear making, beadwork, the traditional healer, sangoma and the village elder. The tour ends with an example of traditional dancing and singing. As no English is spoken in the village, you will also be introduced to some basic Zulu greetings. The lodge also has an adjacent snake and crocodile park where you can see the reptiles at close quarter. Although to some extent artificial, Dumazulu certainly does not have the feel of a ‘theme park’ and we feel you will be genuinely impressed with the example of a way of life, which is fast becoming history.