South Africa Sun Care Package

As a South Africa Sun client you will benefit from our unique vacation ‘Care Package’ providing you with everything you will need for your perfect vacation in South Africa! In fact many of our South African friends are amazed at the detail we provide based on our own in depth knowledge of the country and its roads.

Our care package includes:

  • Detailed travel directions
    • This can often extend to almost 100 pages tailored just for your trip. As well as a turn by turn description of your journey enabling you to easily and safely navigate between you accommodation, this also shows the principal tourist locations and how to get there from your hotel or B&B. We map out your journey with suggested locations to visit complete with approximate timings
    • We also provide you with a lot of background information on the areas you are traveling to as well as recommended restaurants and wineries to visit.
  • A road map of South Africa is provided for extra visual information  for your trip
  • We provide relevant tourist atlases for the regions you are traveling in which will help supplement the information we are providing