Swaziland Region


Weather in Swaziland

Summer (November – March) Temperatures reach a average high of 27C (they rarely exceed 32C) and overnight falling to 18C. This is the wet season with most rain in the form of sharp, afternoon thunderstorms

Autumn (April/May) Average high temperatures of 24C and overnight falling to 14C

Spring (August – October) Average high temperature of 25C and occasionally can reach close to 30C. Overnight temperatures can fall to 14C

Winter (June/July) Average high temperatures are 21C but can reach as high as 25C. Overnight temperatures can fall to 10C and very occasionally as low as 7C. This is the dry season.

Swaziland Attractions

The Kingdom of Swaziland is the smallest country in the southern hemisphere. The Government is an absolute monarchy presided over by King Mswati III. The Government ministers are selected by the King. The country has one of the lowest life expectancy in the world at just 48 years but the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is a key factor. While tourists will tend to visit the country as a stopover between the Kruger Park and KwaZulu Natal, the country is known for its beautiful and dramatic scenery, welcoming people and traditional culture. You will be able to see a way of life that has all but disappeared across most of Africa.

  • Scenery  the main tourist area is among the dramatic mountainous scenery of the north west region of Hhohho which borders Mpumalanga in South Africa.
  • Wildlife  The Low Veld to the east borders Mozambique and it is here that you will find the game reserves that are home to the ‘Big Five’.
  • Bird Watching The country is home to around 500 species of birds making this small country and ornithologists delight
  • Arts & Crafts   There are numerous craft markets especially around the main tourist locations and in the capital Mbabane. The north west area is home to Ngwenya Glass and Swazi Candles but the country is also known for is basket work and batik
  • Towns  Mbabane is the capital and located in the northwest while Manzini is the principal industrial centre locted in the middle of the country

Accommodation in Swaziland

Foresters Arms Hotel in the west of the country has a great reputation across the whole of southern Africa. In the central area around the Ezulwini Valley you will find some excellent international style hotels and spas and also some of the best golfing in Swaziland. For clients looking for a game experience the Mkhaya Game reserve in the east of the country has some of the best ‘Big Five’ sightings and is also home to both black and white rhino

Recommended Hotels in the Swaziland Region

Swaziland Region Map