Karoo and Little Karoo Region

Little Karoo & Karoo

Weather in Little Karoo

Summer (November – March) Temperatures can rise to 40C but evening and overnight temperatures will be a pleasant 19C. It will be very dry with little humidity at this time.

Autumn (May/June) Temperatures will rise to a high of 27C but overnight temperatures can fall to 4C. There may be the odd day of rain

Winter (June – August) Temperatures can rise to 18C  and overnight are likely to be close to 4C. Rain, although not prevalent, is more likely at this time of year. there will be some beautiful days and cold, crisp nights.  Snow is very rare at low levels but can fall on the mountains in July and August.

Spring (September/October) Temperatures will rise to 18C and at night can go as low as 4C. There is likely to be some rain.

The Little Karoo is sandwiched between the Outeniqua and Swartberg mountains. The climate is much hotter and drier than the coast but is ideal for rearing Ostriches. There are excellent luxury boutique hotels as well as more affordable bed & breakfast lodges with a truly South African welcome. Oudtshoorn is the centre of the Ostrich industry and you will see numerous extravagant ‘Feather Palaces’ built during the boom years at the beginning of the 20th century. But these amazing creatures are not all the region offers. At the Cango Wildlife Ranch you can spend time with Cheetahs which are a part of a breeding and conservation programme. For the more adventurous, the Cango Caves are an extensive system with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. There are frequent tours and, for the fit, there is a chance to experience some ‘real’ caving. The area is a hiker’s paradise. Hiking in the beautiful mountain passes or even a trek down into Die Hel (The Hell). This secluded valley and isolated farming community, reached from the top of the Swartberg Pass, was largely untouched until the gravel road was built in the 1960s. The Karoo is known by the original Khoisan (Bushman) inhabitants as ‘The Place of the Great Dryness This is the vast central area of South Africa, semi desert, dotted with hills (kopjes) and bounded by great mountain ranges. Prince Albert is just one of the delightful little towns that are a feature of this impressive landscape.

Places to go in Karoo & Little Karoo

  • Towns  Oudtshoorn is the centre of the Ostrich industry, sleepy Calitzdorp is renowned for its Port wineries and Prince Albert is a green oasis with fine Victorian architecture.
  • Wildlife  The main Ostrich show farms and Feather Palaces are close to Oudtshoorn which also boasts the Cango Wildlife Ranch where you are able to play with the cheetah cubs!
  • Crafts  Ostrich leather and fine handmade Karoo wool rugs in Prince Albert.
  • Mountains & Hiking The region has some of the best hiking in the country but we recommend spring & autumn.
  • Festivals  The annual Ostrich Festival in Oudtshoorn takes place in June and in Prince Albert the Olive Festival takes place in August.

Accommodation in Little Karoo

There are excellent luxury boutique hotels as well as more affordable bed & breakfast lodges with a truly South African welcome. You will be truly amazed at the quality of accommodation!