Gauteng and North West Region

Gauteng & North West Provinces

Weather in Gauteng

People from Johannesburg consider their climate to be the best in South Africa.

Winter  (June – August) It is situated on the High Veld (approx. 2000 metres above sea level) and can get very cold yet dry in winter. High temperatures 14C and overnight lows -2C

Summer (November – April) In the summer temperatures are typically above 30C and usually accompanied by afternoon thunderstorms.

Spring (September/October) High temperatures in high 20C; Overnight lows around 9C.  Usually no rain

Autumn (May) High temperatures around 14C and overnight lows of 0C.

This includes the huge metropolitan area of Johannesburg and Pretoria and some of the most remote locations in South Africa. This diverse area includes the wilderness areas of Madikwe and the Pilanesberg . This is also an inland playground from the theme parks and museums of Johannesburg and Pretoria to Sun City with its mixture of casinos, entertainment and water activities. Wherever you go you will find luxury hotels and more affordable bed & breakfast lodges. The Malaria free Game Reserves feature some excellent Safari Lodges particularly in Madikwe near Botswana and also in the Pilanesberg.

Places to visit in Gauteng

  • Towns  Johannesburg is re-emerging as a vibrant city. There are still no go areas but take guided tours to Soweto and the city.
  • Pretoria has imposing buildings, monuments & the cycad gardens.
  • Pre-history  Visit The Cradle of Humankind and the renowned Sterkfontein caves.
  • Fun  Sun City for relaxation, casinos, golf and world class entertainment.
  • Golf  Numerous world class golf courses including Sun City
  • Theme Parks  & Museums   Gold Reef City takes you back to the early days and The Museum of Apartheid provides a poignant record of South Africa’s past.
  • Game Reserves  The Pilansberg and Madikwe provide the ‘Big Five’, wonderful, malaria – free safaris and breathtaking wilderness experiences.
  • Health  There is no need to take anti malaria precautions in this part of South Africa.

Accommodation in Gauteng

A wide variety of beautiful guest houses, luxury hotels & stunning Private Safari Lodges are available across the region.