Weather on Seychelles

The best time to visit is from April to November. October and November tend to be the busiest months. December to March suffers from hotter weather and typhoons which bring torrential rain. Entertainment & Golf There are numerous sporting opportunities including Golf and Tennis but the hot humid weather tends to make these less popular than water based activities. Deep sea fishing, diving and snorkelling are easy to arrange and it is also possible to hire a boat and crew for exploring other islands. Cycling on the small island of La Digue is popular and recommended.

These islands are the ultimate tropical paradise. Accommodation used extends to the ulta luxury hotels to more affordable resorts – all of a very high standard. The Seychelles comprise many separate islands each with their own characteristics. The largest, Mahe, is the destination for international flights. There are connecting flights to all the main islands and to Praslin a new fast catamaran has recently been introduced. The vegetation on most islands is lush and fragrant with cinnamon growing wild alongside bananas and many sweet smelling herbs. Although parts of the capital, Victoria, are a little run down, the general quality of housing is high compared with, for example, the Caribbean. Crime is very low and the local population, although laid back, do have a greater service ethic than Reunion or Mauritius. Beaches are among the most scenic in the world often complimented on the main islands by huge rounded granite boulders which are a reminder of the location’s volcanic past. Although some islands are low in profile, most have interesting and hilly terrain. This makes it more interesting scenically than Mauritius although much less mountainous than La Reunion. Coral atolls abound around the coast making bathing safe with exceptionally warm water and incredible diving.


Often called ‘The Honeymoon Island’ for its romantic beaches, stunning sunsets and the ubiquitous Coco De Mer Palm with its interestingly shaped flowers and nut. The coastal scenery is exceptionally beautiful and inland there are interesting forest walks. This is a great starting point for some of the other islands. Activities include snorkelling and diving (the Two Sisters Reef is claimed to be one of the best diving spots in the world) and island hopping.


This is the main island and in places is more developed than Praslin. There are excellent resorts manly in the north and on the west coast (opposite the capital, Victoria) and inland the mountainous scenery including a small tropical rain forest, is rewarding. Activities are principally beach based but in contrast to other islands there are some excellent restaurants to try outside the main hotels.