!Xaus Lodge, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

!Xaus Lodge provides rustic-style accommodation with a touch of luxury in one of the most remote locations on earth

!Xaus is really different! The 12 well appointed and air conditioned chalets are set in a remote corner of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The park spans both South Africa and Botswana. The lounge and dining area has a cosy fireplace for the cold winter nights (June – August) when the heat of the day can plunge to close to freezing. Accommodation includes all meals and two game drives each day of your stay. There is an observation deck which is wonderful for star gazing in this pristine, unpolluted wilderness. The lodge also has a great pool for cooling off after the heat of the day.

About the Location

The Kgalagadi Park is larger than the Kruger Park extending to 3.5 million hectares. 50,000 hectares was given back to the Khomani San and Mier communities (Bushmen) in 2002 and the land was then leased back to South African National Parks. SAN Parks are responsible for the environmental management of the land and !Xaus Lodge is owned by the two communities. !Xaus means ‘heart’ in the Nama language and was proposed as a name for the lodge by a group of visiting Bushmen. This was confirmed by the representative bodies of both the ‡Khomani San and Mier communities. The   name, ‘!Xaus’, symbolises the healing of relationships, the restoration of dignity and the aspirations of these communities, who after many years of deprivation are now owners of the lodge and the land on which it is situated.The lodge overlooks a large salt pan with a distinctive heart shape in its northwest corner. This location inspired the name. The rustic -style lodge is located at the ‘heart’ of the land restored to each of the Mier and Bushman communities. The vision of the settlement agreement was stated as ‘in the national interest, to finally settle the land claims of the community parties and to establish a positive, co-operative relationship between the community parties and SANParks.’ The symbol ‘!’ denotes a palatal click in the Nama language.  !Xaus is pronounced ‘kaus’.’ !Xaus is a unique property  and among the experiences you will enjoy, guided walks and visits to a Bushman Village are also included.Game drives

  • Sunset pan drive and dune walk to ‘listen’ to the sun set over the Kalahari.
  • After-dinner night drive. You will hear sounds of barking geckos, insect shrills, and larger animal calls to break the silence.
  • A complimentary six to seven hour game drive through the dunes and along the Auob River.  A packed breakfast and picnic lunch, is available for guests staying four nights or longer. At an additional charge, this game drive is also available to those staying for two or three nights.